2020/21 Banner Workers

A big thanks to all the banner workers for their assistance for the 2020-2021 MHSRA season!

Banner workers are required to put up banners  in the arena before the rodeo in addition to removing the banners at the completion of the final rodeo event.  If you cannot put up the banner on your slot please find a replacement and switch with someone.  

Russell August 15-16
Harley Buchberger
Lane Nykoliation
Coy Gervin
Kaleb Kelly
Sheradyn & Dryden Griffith

Russell August 22-23 *Please be at the arena at 9pm Friday evening & take down immediately following the rodeo*

Morgan, Payton, Shay-lyn Dudar

Dax Mullin

Natasha Chartrand

Cassidy, Cayle Hudacek

OakLake Sept 12-13

Dawson Brown

Harley Hagan

Malayna & Laramie Lockie

Alana Odichuk


Roblin Sept 19-20

Chloe Fawns

Breena Johnston

Caleb & Lael Butler

Laramie & Abby Collen

Jake Highmoor

Denver Gompf

Souris 26-27


Madi Robins

Katie and Jessica Wright

Ryan & Reese Denbow

Andee Cowan