Student/Parent Meeting

MHSRA Student/Parent Meeting

Aug 15/09 @ 3:00 pm

Virden (Barn #4)

Welcome to new members and returning members by President, Kelly Lyng.

  1. Report cards – we require the previous year’s final report card (a 2nd report card will requested if needed)
  2. National office increased membership fees after our year already started.  Fee increase will be $20 (payable by all members by the next rodeo – Oak Lake Sept 12th)  Please bring a separate cheque for $20 made payable to MHSRA (if you wish to mail the cheque it can be mailed to Deb Cook, Box 33, Binscarth, MB  R0J 0G0)
  3. Call entry deadlines are firm.  10pm Wed night – no calls after that.
  4. Reminder re:  Dress Code.  All members are given a rulebook and are reminded to familiarize themselves with the dress code and rules pertaining to the events they compete in.
  5. Entries at each rodeo should be done a min. of ½ hour before the perf. to allow for paperwork to be completed and any changes to be reported to the judges/timers.
  6. Orin Larsen, Student President, mentioned that he will be working on getting the mentorship program up and running again for this season.
  7. Brenda Tonn, Website:  still needing grad pictures for the web; Cowboy info needed re:  Canadians, Nationals, any other info; any pics for the web please forward to Brenda; queen page needs updating.
  8. Ginny – sponsorship letter updated on the web with the hope to set up a link
  9. Grocery voucher program explained.  All families to participate.  The forms will also be put up on the web.


Gord Manning

Barb Manning

Bonnie Snezyk

Glenn Jackson

Kurt Heinrichs (????)

Rick Cook

Terry Baker

Jenalee Adcock

Brittany Marshall

Melanie Drier

Kevin Larsen

Ty Collins

Brent Collins

Orin Larsen

Scott Medd

Sharon Medd

Shelby Medd

Jacey Lee

Chris Rinn

Keri Lynne Young

Jody Colon


Craig Boitson

Brian Park

Sandy Drier

Francis Smith

Kelly Stewart

Sandra Stewart

Shelby Stewart

Tanner Rutten

Bonnie Rutten

Keith Rutten

Cheryl Marcino

Barb Bourassa

Bonnie Kent

Jeff Denbow

Jim Denbow

Wayne Moreau

Jordan Moreau

Kari Bodin

Quinn Mullin

Samantha Lee

Michelle Fredbjornson

Kim Gee

Kelly Bridgeman

Alex Park

Sky Brown

Kim Brown

Tammy Kelly

Casey Brown

Wayne Rowe

Julie Rowe

McKenzie Rowe

Brenda Miller

Andrea Graham

Gordon Graham

Baylee Graham

Marcia Rinn

Lori Cathcart

Cathy Gerrand

Allison Snezyk

Amanda Marcino

Devin Boitson

Mark Cook

Garrett Adcock

Kody Reid

Austin Kemp

Kacee Gee

McKenzie Langford

Cassidy Gardiner

Kelby Lyng

Jenna Rae Kent

Nikki Bender

Cody Colon

Katelynn Baker

Shannon Jackson

Jenna Cook

Diane Allan

Randy Allan

Clay Allan

Susan McPherson

Kolt McPherson

Sandra Salmon

Tyson Salmon

Ray Salmon

Justine Cornelson

Sara Hunter

Tanner Langlois

Layne Smith

Ryan Miller

Aaron Lee

Clinton Kelly

Ty Stewart

Bailey McCannell

Erin Cathcart

Marlene Hunter

Bev Young

Terry Jackson

Heather Heinrichs

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Colleen Mullin

Marley Williamson

Tess Manning

Shyla Fuchs

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Taryn Bailey

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Heidi Smith

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Shauna Peters

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Deb Cook

Kelly Lyng