Banner Workers

2017/2018 Banner Workers.  Please make sure you are there 1 1/2 hours before the scheduled rodeo to do your part in setting up the banners in the arena.  You are also required to take down the banners at the end of the rodeo.  Please contact Sheilagh Sattler for more information.  Thank you!


Virden Tyler Vodon
Sadie Hollingshead
Lexi Hollingshead
Cassidy Cairns
Shelby Ross
Beausejour Bobbie  Fairlie
Corbin Fairlie
Oak Lake Callie Helmeczi
Hannah McCannell
Jenel & Jacey Boyes
Roblin Shane & Rachelle McCannell
 Swan River
Tait Scott
Scott & Joe Lane
Jules Smyth
Oak Lake
Hannah Kutyn
Kally Bodin
Maddison McGee
Riley Park
Gilbert Plains Chloee & Gacie Fawns
Cooper & Ryder Millward
Shyanne Wilton
Swan River Finals Shane & Mathew MacLennan
Shelby & Taylor Ross
Jenna McKay