Banner Workers

2018/19 Banner Workers

A big thanks to all the banner workers for their assistance for the 2018-2018 MHSRA season!


Banner workers are required at the arena 1 ½ hours before the start of the rodeo to put up banners in addition to removing the banners at the completion of the final rodeo event. 


Please contact Janice Maguire at jmaguire@mts.netor or call (204)868-5911 for more information.


Roblin Aug. 4&5, 2018

Jules Smythe

Morgan, Payton & Shay-Lyn Dudar

Amy Maguire


Virden Aug 18, 2018

7:30am start

Tyler Vodon

Abby & Laramie Collen

Shane & Hannah McCannell

Stran Dunham


Beausejour Sept 7&8, 2018

12:30pm start

Milagh, Mikaela & Trey Sattler

Aubrie Park

Jodie Davis

Chloe Anderson


Oak Lake Sept 15&16, 2018

8:30am start

Jacey Boyes

Tess & Rayna Mortenson

Madison McGee

Chet, Jesse and Samantha Neufeld


Swan River May 11&12, 2019

Callie Helmeczi

Kaleigh Currie

Logan, Robby & Shay Stewart

Dax Mullin

Joel Andres


Russell May 18&19, 2019

Harley & Avery Buchberger

Dawson, Sheradyn & Dryden Griffith

Hannah Kutyn


Oak Lake May 25&26, 2019

Kally Bodin

Ashton & Peyton Hawtin

Brooke Heinrich

Cassidy Cairns

Harley Hogan

Kirby Gray


Gilbert Plains June 1&2, 2019

Chloee & Gracie Fawns

J’lyn Funk

Hayden Whelpton

Maizy & Ty Scott

Lane & Ty Nycolaition


Swan River MHSRA Finals June 7,8&9, 2019

Jenna McKay

Lexie & Sadie Hollingshead

Sierra Urban

Shayanne & Jesse Wilton